South West Lovett Bay Coastcare celebrates its first year of achievements


South West Lovett Bay Coastcare was formed last year with the goal of ridding public and private land in South West Lovett Bay of bamboo and other weeds to enable the restoration and preservation of the ecologically endangered communities of Pittwater Spotted Gum and Littoral Rainforest surrounding the Linda Falls. The first meeting was held on August 31 2019 and SWLB Coastcare was incorporated on September 4 2019. Jennifer Cook was elected president, Lisa Atkins as vice-president, Monique Stidwill as treasurer and Lesley Stevens as secretary.

The group’s first AGM was held on September 27 2020 at which Jennifer Cook outlined the achievements so far. SWLB Coastcare successfully applied for Greater Sydney Local Land Services funding of $20,000 to enable the appointment of a contractor to carry out eradication work over an 18-month period and to direct volunteer input. Dragonfly Environmental (with Paul Webb as supervisor) was engaged.

Dragonfly Environmental started work in May 2020 and in July SWLB Coastcare members held a very successful Bamboo Out day. There was a gratifying response from representatives of National Parks & Wildlife, Northern Beaches Council and Greater Sydney Local Land Services when they visited the site in August.

On the day of the SWLB Coastcare AGM, West Pittwater RFS conducted a hazard reduction burn on the targeted site to reduce the fuel load ahead of the fire season. The involvement of the RFS was hugely appreciated – its work made it possible to see how much headway the contractor and SWLB Coastcare group members had made.

Paul Webb reported that the bulk of the bamboo in the target area has been removed. There were two main pockets of lantana left, which the group plans to remove during a community volunteer day before summer.

SWLB Coastcare President’s report:

SWLB Coastcare Presidents Report 2020 SWLB Coastcare Presidents Report 2020 (57 KB)


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