Jimble Jellyfish spotted in Pittwater


Jimble Jellyfish have been sighted in Pittwater. If you plan on entering the water, you should be aware that these jellies are about.

The jimble belongs to the cubozoan family of jellyfish, which includes the infamous and deadly box jellyfish of northern Australia.

But the jimble is more of a painful nuisance and is found from Western Australia to southern Queensland.

They live in the clear waters of harbours and estuaries.

The jimble has a transparent, box-shaped bell, 3cm to 4cm long, and a trail of tentacles 10cm to 15cm long.

They are more common where the water is a little bit cooler; so in our waters, rather than up north.

For additional information see this link to the Australian Museum

Videoed at Holmport Marina By Michelle Rogers


  • They belong belong to the cubozoan order of jellyfish
  • They are the only cubozoan that occurs in the colder southern Australian waters
  • They have a box-shaped bell with tentacles at each corner and are about 3.5cm long
  • They are found from Western Australia around the southern coast to southern Queensland
  • Found in coastal waters, estuaries and oceans, they deliver a painful sting but are not as potent as their tropical relatives
  • If stung, wash the area with vinegar and apply a cold pack to relieve the pain and seek medical attention if necessary


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