A Request from our Waste Contractor


A Request from our Waste Contractor


Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, Covid-19, we make the following requests:


The skips on each public wharf are for bagged domestic waste only - NO BUILDING MATERIALS.

Recently they have been full of inappropriate items such as building materials, carpets and other materials which should go out in the bulky goods collection or disposed of privately. Please put bottles in cardboard in the recycling collection.


DO NOT MIX YOUR RECYCLING! One crate for bottles/PET and one crate for cardboard/paper. Please be mindful and empty the bottles of all liquid i.e. wine and beer.

The cardboard must be REDUCED TO A SIZE THAT FITS IN THE CRATE. We will NOT pick up large pieces of cardboard i.e. packing boxes.

Any material not presented correctly will NOT be collected.

These issues have been around for some time and residents are asked to be more vigilant with the way they dispose of their waste and abide by the guidelines to assist the guys with collections.

We are in very unusual times at the moment and it is important that everyone does the right thing to cut out the risk of any possible infection. We will get through this!


Scotty Taylor


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