Pittwater Wine Syndicate Tasting Sunday March 1st


The Pittwater Wine Syndicates Annual Wine Tasting is on again on March 1st at Scotland Island.

The Wine Syndicate began in 1974, with a vision to be able to arrange better wine for a lower price.

The number of wines on the list is now 14, the Syndicate run 48 tastings round Australia, with wines ranging from around $6 to $16 per bottle.

In the selection process, a panel of 10 choose the best 14 wines from a selection of between 120-200 wines. The syndicate then competes on price along with the rest of the industry. The syndicate put special emphasis on ensuring that every wine on the list is good to drink. Thus they remain true to their founding purpose, to get better wine for a lower price.

The Syndicate is always looking for new members to keep the volume up so they can continue to maintain their price and quality advantage.


Date: Sunday 1st March 
Time: From 3pm
Location: Karen and Michael Chapman's Boathouse – Pitt Point, Scotland Island.
(The first boat shed on the eastern side of Tennis Wharf)

Remember to Bring

  1. Tasting notes and price list printed, as attached. (It really is important that the 'organisers' above us know where the wine is ordered from)
  2. Tasting glass
  3. Something in the way of food to provide an excuse to taste the wine. We usually share the food and you help yourselves as the afternoon progresses.

Wine Syndicate Tasting Notes & Order Form - Feb 2020 Wine Syndicate Tasting Notes & Order Form - Feb 2020 (268 KB)


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