Proposed upgrades to Bell and Carols Wharf


The Northern Beaches Council is jointly funding upgrades to Bells and Carols Wharf on Scotland Island as part of the state government’s $70 Million funding program NSW Boating Now. The scheme supports initiatives that enhance the boating experience in NSW, including the delivery of boating infrastructure across NSW waterways.

The wharf upgrades aim to increase the number of boating facilities at Bells and Carols wharf and repairing the existing structures.

Key features of the proposed upgrades include:

  • Additional 19 moorings at Bells Wharf and 33 at Carols Wharf.
  • Formalised tie-up facilities.
  • Improved access for commuters.
  • New ferry shelters at each wharf and a wider ferry boarding area.
  • New moorings are not tidal-dependant and are protected from the rough wave climate.

In consultation with key stakeholders and the community, we have developed draft concept plans for Bells Wharf and Carols Wharf for broader community comment.

Please complete the comment form  to have your say. You can also provide feedback by writing to us at PO Box 82, Manly 1655 (marked 'Wharf Upgrades').

Information sessions are also being held.

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Comments close Monday 7 October 2019.



Come along to an information session

Sunday 22 September 2019 09:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Information session - Harold Reserve

1 Richard Rd Scotland Island NSW 2105.

Tuesday 24 September 2019 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Information session - Thomas Stephens Reserve

2105 Pittwater Rd, Church Point NSW 2105

How can I provide feedback on the proposal?

The designs presented are concept designs developed to meet the observed demand for moorings from the community and in consultation with specific user groups. Feedback on the proposals is sought to ensure that it meets the requirements of our entire community which can be made online at by attending one of our drop in sessions.

How many tie-ups would the new structures provide?

The new structures at Bell Wharf will provide an additional 19 moorings (31 Total) whilst the works at Carols Wharf will provide an additional 33 moorings (73 Total).

There is potential to increase the capacity at Bell Wharf by a further 18 moorings however these spaces are less protected from wave conditions and would need to be classified as ‘rough water moorings’

How will boats tie up to the new structures?

The new floating pontoons will be fitted with mooring cleats for boats to tie up to.

We will also be installing mooring cleats along the existing wharves at both Bell and Carols Wharves to formalise the existing tie-ups.

Will the existing facilities be upgraded at the same time?

We will be taking the opportunity to undertake maintenance on both Bell and Carols wharf as part of these works. This will include replacing damaged piles and handrail. New stairs will be installed on the old wharves at regular intervals.

Who will be able to tie-up at the new facilities?

Council are seeking feedback on how the new facilities should be managed as part of this engagement process. Your feedback on how Council should manage these wharves can be submitted online at or by attending one of our drop in sessions.

Why are there areas where no berthing is permitted?

At both Bell and Carol’s Wharf it has been identified that the wave conditions from the south- east are very rough and would have the potential to cause damage to vessels over time. The new pontoon has been designed to have a secondary function as a breakwater at both wharves.

What are Rough Water Moorings?

At Bell Wharf the south-east wave conditions are rough enough to require protection to be provided to the boats by the floating pontoon. Due to the demand at Bell Wharf, the south- eastern side of Bell Wharf could be re-classified as Rough Water Moorings and commuters allowed to tie up there at their own risk. This would increase the capacity of Bell Wharf by 18 moorings (49 total). Community members are requested to comment on whether they would prefer the implementation of Rough Water Moorings or not as part of this consultation period.

What is the project timeline?

The designs will be reviewed at the conclusion of the consultation period and construction is anticipated to be undertaken in the first half of 2020.


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