The WPCA endorse the Better Planning Network and  invite all Pittwater Resident to support it by formally endorsing their charter.

The WPCA feels the Charter sets a community vision, key principles and desired outcomes for good planning in NSW and invites residents of West Pittwater to consider supporting it. For more information and to endorse the Charter, please read the attached information and follow the links"

The BPN believes that NSW needs a fundamentally different planning system from the one that is currently operating. A system that is driven by Ecologically Sustainable Development principles and one that is fairer, more transparent and less open to corruption.

This is why the BPN, together with a number of other groups including the National Trust (NSW), Shelter NSW, Nature Conservation Council of NSW, National Parks Association of NSW, Inner Sydney Voice and the Total Environment Centre, have developed Planning for People: A Community Charter for Good Planning in NSW.

In the lead up to the State elections on 23 March, we call on you to formally endorse this Charter.

Every time an individual endorses the Charter, emails are automatically generated to key politicians.

If thousands of people endorse the Charter in coming weeks, it will ensure that the need for changes to our planning system is at the forefront of the mind of all political parties and/or independents elected to Parliament.

We hope that you will endorse the Charter and that you will also encourage your networks and group members to do the same.

If you are Facebook user, please share our post: it is pinned to the top of the BPN Facebook page.



Better Planning Network

PO Box 137, Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012






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