The facts on Council Mergers and how to get Pittwater Council back


Protect Pittwater is holding a public forum on March 3, from 4pm to 6pm, at Mona Vale Memorial Hall, titled:

Digging for the Truth,
The Facts on Council Mergers and How to Get Pittwater Council Back.

  • Have there been any savings from the merger of Pittwater Council? 
  • What do Freedom of Information requests show about the Government's real amalgamation agenda? 
  • What's happened to legal action? 
  • Has the government responded to our Proposal to Demerge? 
  • What can we do now?

Speakers will include:

  • Save Our Councils Coalition President Brian Halstead - on whether there were any merger savings. 
  • Save Our Councils Coalition spokesman Phil Jenkyn - on a series of GIPAs by local Phil Walker, that throw a different light on the government's amalgamation timetable. 
  • Protect Pittwater President Bob Grace - on what's happened to legal action. 
  • NSW Labor Local Govt spokesman Peter Primrose and NSW Greens Local Government spokesman David Shoebridge.

Sunday March 3
4pm to 6pm
Mona Vale Memorial Hall
1Park St, Mona Vale
Contact: Protect Pittwater Association President
Bob Grace 0416 222 103

Protect Pittwater Flyer Protect Pittwater Flyer (50 KB)


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