Notification to the community regarding two Liquor Licence Applications for the Pasadena

There are two separate application processes underway for additional Liquor Licences at the Pasadena.

1. Primary Services Application

The first is an Application posted on the Liquor and Gaming Website on 5th December for a Primary Services Application (PSA). This application is in addition to a normal restaurant “On-Premises Licence”. If successful, it will allow the serving of alcohol at the Pasadena to customers who are not consuming food. The application includes areas both inside and outside the built area on land owned by the Pasadena and on land leased from the Crown.

The deadline for you to make any response is 4th January, 2019. If you have a view on this application, it is very important that you make a response (see details below).

To make a submission, either:

Click on this form (Application 1-7055317) and then either email it to: print and mail it to The Board, Liquor and Gaming at GPO Box 2060, Sydney, NSW, 2001.


Write your own letter to above address (referencing application 1- 7055317).

2. Packaged Licence

The other application is at the stage of community consultation which is prior to a full application being submitted. It is for a Packaged Licence (a Bottle Shop) to be located in the ‘Pantry and Fresh’ grocery store in the Pasadena.

As noted in the recent Pittwater Offshore Newsletter (PON), it is expected that an event will be arranged shortly to consult with the community before an actual application is submitted.

There will thus be a bit more time for consultation on this matter.

  1. Notice.pdf
  3. submission-liquor-or-gaming-application.pdf


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