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The SIRA committee is acutely aware that there is a lot of confusion around the Pasadena and what it will mean for our community.

For this reason, the SIRA Church Point Working Group* has worked on a summary and update with the intention to clearly communicate the situation as we understand it. You can read the update below.

Statements made in the media, incorrectly asserting that communities surrounding Church Point support the opening, made it necessary for us to publicly communicate our perspective. Thanks to the effort of 60 or so residents who did just that at the protest last week, this perspective is now better understood.

We think that the traffic and parking congestion you will experience these holidays will be a clear indication of a future with the Pasadena in operation: even with the new car park on-line.

There is confidence that the Pasadena will be acquired by Council and that the site will be put to good use for the community, onshore and offshore. We also know the issue is not divisive. Many on-shore residents are just as concerned about the further increase in demand on the Church Point area.

What is the recommendation in the meantime?

  • Whenever possible, keep the message prominent in conversation and on social media.
  • Your actions as a consumer can be powerful. Remember the last 5 years the building has been standing abandoned.
  • Follow the recommendation at the bottom of our summary below and write to authorities.

Please be assured that SIRA is working with authorities and other residents' groups for a positive outcome.

Merry Christmas!
Hubert van Mierlo,
SIRA President.

*If you would like to join the CP working group, drop me a line



The Pasadena site is made up of the freehold building and the Crown Land, located at the front and the side of the premises, that the owners lease from NSW Department of Industry.

On August 8, 2017 Northern Beaches Council (NBC) resolved to proceed with the acquisition of the Pasadena and surrounding public lands. Council Report and Minutes here

The following day, a media release announcing the acquisition was issued from the office of our local member, Rob Stokes.

The first stage of the acquisition process takes 6-7 months during which time the parties enter negotiations. This phase is currently underway and will continue into early 2018. In the interim, the owner of the Pasadena has commenced significant renovations and has stated his intention to begin commercial operations by December 24.

While Council is on track to proceed with the acquisition of the property, there is concern amongst many local community residents, both offshore and onshore, that the works on the Pasadena may negatively affect this process. There are also concerns about the legality and compliance of these renovations and the proposed opening, as well as the local environmental impact and work, health and safety practices during the renovations.

Council is aware of the building works being carried out under a construction certificate going back to the 1960’s and there is a team investigating the planning regulations. However, as there is a potential conflict of interest during the acquisition process there may be constraints on any course of action.

We are a diverse community and there is some local support for the redevelopment of the Pasadena. However, the views of the residents’ groups and many of the wider public, who regularly use Church Point, is that it is a critical community and transport hub which is already under excess demand and cannot absorb any further increased pressure on the scarce land and parking resources that would be the result of the Pasadena redevelopment.

At this stage, we are confident that the acquisition will take place, however, it is possible that this legally complex process may go through several stages and take some considerable time.

In the interim it is highly recommended that local community members express their views about what is happening at the Pasadena and on the leased public lands and communicate these to Northern Beaches Council and to our local member.

Northern Beaches Council – Report and Issue Portal

Ben Taylor, General Manager, Environment & Infrastructure

Rob Stokes, Member for Pittwater


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