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Proposal for Pittwater and northern Warringah Council

This morning the State Government outlined their plans to reduce the number of metropolitan Sydney councils from 43 down to 25. As part of this process the NSW Government proposed that Pittwater Council merge with northern suburbs of Warringah Council to form a new council. These suburbs include Narrabeen, Collaroy, Collaroy Plateau, Wheeler Heights, Cromer, Oxford Falls, Duffy’s Forest, Terry Hills, Belrose, Davidson, French’s Forest, Forestville and Killarney Heights.

For full details about this go to:


Whilst our community’s first preference is to stand alone, we welcome the Government’s support of our merger preference, to create two more equally balanced and specialised councils which will effectively deliver services and infrastructure whilst retaining local character and identity.

It is important to note that the Government has reconsidered the issue of population size and now recognises that a community of approximately 150 000 has strategic capacity to deliver high quality services whilst remaining connected to our communities. The Government has committed $10 million dollars towards merger costs and an additional $10 million for community infrastructure for a newly merged entity. Comprehensive detail is provided about the benefits of the local government reform and merger impact analysis which can be found at:


Process for creating new Councils

The NSW Government identified a 10 step process to create new Councils which includes:

  • Appointment of delegates to examine merger proposals
  • Creation of Local Government Boundaries Commission
  • Communities to have their say during a public consultation process for merger proposals, including submissions and public hearings 
  • Delegates to examine proposals and submissions and provide a report to the Minister for Local Government and the 
  • Boundaries Commission Boundaries Commission to provide comment on the Delegates’ reports to the 
  • Minister for Local Government Minister will consider reports from Delegates and the Boundaries Commission and make decisions for each proposal
  • Minister may/may not recommend to the Governor that the prosed merger be implemented

It is expected that new Council’s will commence operation after this process.

Local Government elections

The NSW Government suggested it is likely that local government elections may be delayed until March 2017.

Informing our community

It remains a priority for Council to inform you about the process ahead. In addition to regular communication please continue to access our website, subscribe to our e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates as they are announced.

Kind regards
Mark Ferguson

Jane Mulroney
Manager – Community Engagement & Corporate Strategy
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M: 0417 499 557


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